My Dev Retro 2022


2 min read

2022 has been an amazing year for me for the many firsts. From starting my first technical blog here on Hashnode to participating in my first has been a truly joyful ride for me.

I got to participate in different hackathons - AWS Amplify and HACK-R-PLAY, not that hackathons were new to me, but I was especially motivated to learn through the journey.

Sometimes, you hold on to your chosen technology too close that you are not willing to explore others. I believe through these hackathons I was able to break that barrier for myself and realized that true learning lies outside the comfort zone. And who knows, it could become your favorite too!

Along with the exploration of many open-source tools, I become a fan of several interesting tools that I was more than happy to write documentation for a few as a no-code contribution during Hacktoberfest. I would like to be more proactive and diligent this year in finding the projects I could contribute to much before hacktoberfest starts and not just restrict building/contributing just to the month of October.

Taking an annual subscription of KodeKloud helped me learn Terraform (IaC), golang and brush up on python concepts. I was familiar with KodeKloud for Kubernetes Certification Preparation and Mock tests but they have expanded so much on their learning content that I can relate to - it has become my go-to place. I specially enjoy their playground as I don't have to go through the hassle of setting up the environment for my practice or a particular tool or language.

I also got a chance to participate in many virtual conferences - React Day, Chaos Carnival, KubeCon, and AWS Community Day to name a few. KubeCon is my favorite as always. Online quizzes through Konfhub were super fun, got to learn so much.

I want to take this moment to thank the amazing dev community across the world which has been so kind and helpful - making everyone feel welcome. They always are here to encourage you to do better and become your evolved self with their constant support and motivation.