AppWrite x Hashnode Hackathon


2 min read

Thank you Appwrite and Hashnode for hosting this hackathon. I got to explore Appwrite for the first time although I had heard a lot about it but hadn't tried it before. This hackathon nudged me to try it and get familiar.

Project Name: WasteAware
Team: Anusha

Front-end: Next.js / Tailwind
Hosting: Netlify,
Backend: AppWrite (to list food wastage test data)

Github: anushas-dev/waste-aware

I always wanted to consciously track food wastage and check where I could help from my side to reduce it. Be it extra meals, spoilt food, or just the food on my plate that I couldn't finish, I would try my best to avoid any wastage or at least keep it to the minimum.

WasteAware is a simple site that I plan to build on further but at this point, it is only listing test data on the wastage reported on a few food items. The next plan is to make it user-specific and allow them to use it for food waste tracking on a daily/weekly basis and understand how they can do their bit to reduce the wastage, if not repurpose it judiciously.


  • Finding the right way to pass custom headers to AppWrite Client while listing documents with API Key.

  • Understanding the right permissions to be added to the Aut User to do CRUD operations.

I am late for the submission but I am glad I attempted it. I would like to continue improving on this further and add more features. Feel free to reach out to collaborate on this project and share your feedback.
Thank you.