Laravel Bangalore Meetup | 18 May 2024


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Laravel Bangalore Meetup | 18 May 2024

I had an amazing time at the Laravel Bangalore May Meetup. The event was well-organized and filled with interesting topics and networking breaks that kept everyone engaged throughout the day.

The event kicked off with an exciting Intro to Laravel and the ecosystem by Shruti! We learned how to stay updated in the Laravel space by keeping an eye out for LaraCONs (US, EU, AU, IN) and live meetups in nearby cities. It was amazing to see how the Laravel space has evolved over the last decade, and it's thrilling to know that many developers are eager to return to this space because of its incredible potential!

"Begin your journey into Livewire" by Kumaravel showcased how effortlessly you can get a simple app (ToDo App) up and running in just a few minutes. By demonstrating counter components, the simplicity of using Livewire directives, and how the backend handles requests to object updates, it made us all exclaim, "Livewire is magic!"

We then had a short break, recharged with some coffee, and enjoyed lively chats!

After the break, Shruti provided valuable guidance on "Online Presence 101 - For Devs." She shared practical tips and easy-to-follow strategies, emphasizing the importance of consistency and the significance of following the right people.

We then had Karthick share his insights on how building APIs in minutes is achievable. He shared new techniques, showed us how to modify slugs for consistent results, and customize them to our needs. His impressive use of the query builder and efficient application of repository patterns left us all inspired!

Before leaving for the day, we did a quick round of introductions and took group pictures, all shouting "cheese" to the camera!

A big thanks to the organizers, Shruti and Tarun, for their dedication in making the Laravel meetups not only fun but also highly informative and Lalit for sponsoring beautiful office space for this meetup. They do an excellent job of finding speakers who were not only knowledgeable but also passionate about sharing their insights and experiences with the community. It was a fantastic opportunity to connect with other Laravel enthusiasts and techies and learn from them. The atmosphere was vibrant and welcoming, making it a memorable experience for everyone who attended.

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